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Askey – Synergita’s intelligent bot

The use of chatbots have been mushrooming for the past few years and many businesses extensively using it to deliver the right customer experience. They help companies to communicate with their customers with the rise of tools that use AI. The reason why chatbots are becoming popular is that it creates a real interaction with users using a chat interface. It feels as though we are talking to a real person. Since chatbots use AI, they gather conversational elements from human conversations and respond to written/spoken commands to offer service.   

Synergita has developed an intelligent chatbot named Askey, that will help our customers to have an enriching employee experience using Synergita to manage their performance. Askey is available 24×7. The chatbot will always available to serve our users – the employees, managers and HR teams, guide them to the relevant knowledge base and make it easier for them to use the bespoke technology platform. Askey is like an instant and customized customer service, sans the wait time, who shows you the right way when you seem lost or stuck.  

When you are in a rush to finish the task, the last thing you want to do is rummage the help topics. You wish some expert comes to your rescue and point out the myriad of options in front of you. Askey will instantly deliver the support and guidance you needed to complete the task efficiently. Askey is your intelligent help created by Synergita.  

The smart bot is powered by the sophisticated ML algorithm and is the perfect solution for companies that are trying to retain millennials by providing the best employee experience at the workplace. Millennials have become the majority workforce in organizations, they always look for a solution where they can get easy access to the information that solves their problems.  

When and how do you use Askey?  

Askey comes to your help when you don’t know how to do something or what the next step is? Click the chat icon at the bottom right and Askey prompts you to ask your query. The AI chatbot helps you find the right answer for your query. In case if it fails to deliver the correct response, it shows the link to raise a customer service ticket.   

Discover what Askey can do for you?  

Chatbots have become the most common form of communication in companies because of the evolution of natural language processing. Businesses have considered this logical step to simplify your processes. Let us discover what Synergita’s Askey can do for you:  

  1. Saving time: We do have the quickest first response time for any support ticket. But Askey can get you the right information instantly and help you save the time to raise the ticket and wait for the response.   
  2. Easy access to the repository: An employee does not have to spend time to search for information from the repository or FAQs. With Askey, you can just strike up a conversation anytime instead of delving deeper into the deluge of information that is available.  
  3. Easily adaptable: Employees do not have to search for information. Instead, they can just type their queries in conversational or broken sentences and Askey brings you the right solution you are looking for. Askey makes life much easier for employees.   
  4. Better employee engagement: If you are looking forward to engaging the millennial generation at your workplace, then Askey gives you exactly what they need to boost engagement. Since millennials do not prefer complicated processes, you can eliminate all of it for them by meeting their requirements through the human-like Askey.  
  5. Enrich user experience: Askey responds to your questions with a human touch and listens to your problems and needs and provide the relevant suggestions and answers at a faster pace.   

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