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Ideal Champions’ Five Scores Over Idle Champions

Some persons are left- handed, but many persons are left- brained. They are dominated by the logical and rational part of the mind. They like spreadsheets and action plans. They do not like open-ended creative thinking.

In a cut- throat competitive world, innovation is the only chance for survival. New ideas for long term growth can be a good beginning. But we must go even beyond that. Creative thinking must be encouraged. But we must also arrive at a process for this creative thinking. Such a process should have five useful features.


The facilitator of an innovation session must have a clear idea of the objective. Then only he can skillfully handle the left-brained audience at the discussion session. He should guide the conversation towards creative and constructive direction. He must present a mental roadmap of the innovation process. With an open mind, he must believe that there is something that we do not know yet.


The choice of invitees to a brainstorming session is very important. Employees from different departments must be invited. Some newcomers must be definitely included. Homogeneity is a minus point in any brainstorming session. At the same time, outsider insight must embrace insider expertise.


Before the main brainstorming session, pre-sessions must be conducted in different departments. They must have a clear idea of the topic. They must function as a think-tank. Facilitator’s opening remark at the brainstorming session must compensate any occasional lack from the employees’ end.

Time Providing

In any brainstorming session, there will be some starting trouble. It will be overcome after some time. Then the session will be ready for the take off stage. Unfortunately, at that time, the landing order will come. Sufficient time must be given for the second part and final part of the session. Then only the group can evaluate the ideas and choose the best.


Busy routine schedule should not prevent the follow up of the innovative steps decided at the brainstorming session. Left-brained practice is as important as the right-brained theories. Theory is like eyes and practice is like feet. A man without theories is blind. A man without practice is lame.

Most of the employees are idle champions. They are performers without ideas. So, they blindly follow the daily routine. By gaining the five scores of facilitating, inviting, preparing, time providing and implementing,  the idea champions become ideal champions. Then they can effectively lead the idle champions in the path of improvement and innovation.

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