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20 plus 5 no-cost ideas to recognize and appreciate your millennial employees

Round the year, a company’s HR team plans and executes the best possible way to make the Employee Appreciation Day the best for every single year.  

A pat on the back and making one’s employee happy is the best way to bring satisfaction and increase employee engagement in any organization. 

20 plus 5 no-cost ideas to recognize and appreciate your millennial employees   

This section explains the advantages of the 20 plus 5 no-cost ideas that shall appreciate and encourage each member of the team. The total of 20 plus 5 splits into three categories –  

Stress Buster Ideas 

This category focusses on reducing workplace stress. Factors might be many, so are the 10 universal wonders that make the workplace stress disappear.  

1) An inhouse coach   

2) Gym trainer

3) A psychiatrist

4) A chef

5) A dance master

6) A linguistic expert

7) Schedule an excursion to a monument or a historical place.  

8) Provide a Pot lunch with complete focus on Fitness initiating the importance of healthy food.  

 9) Make the team unite for a social cause e.g., clean a nearby regime 

10) Assist an NGO  

A complete game plan for all where this should be made mandatory, focusing on all types and every employee.  

Pedagogy Ideas 

The ideas in this section are to make the gifts more valuable and bring the workforce together to make the existing features more reliable and advanced.  

11) Schedule an SME talk

12) Create and assign tailor-made projects

13) Assign Training Sessions

14) Revamp the ambiance and the look and feel of things around

15) Make thanksgiving a practice between teams

16) Make R& R (Rewards & Recognition) a practice within groups and verticals. 

17) Bring in new benefits for the employees. 

18) Share details of employees with clients to show employees how proud you are of their work – Make this a Social Media Campaign

19) Create and circulate weekly or bi-weekly journals

20) Form a Hall of Fame gallery. 


This category is the least expensive.  

As a bonus, all innovative and crazy ideas fall under this category.  

21) Provide Delicious FREE food in the workplace or subsidiary food at the best special prices. 

22) Play Games that improvises the team building bondage. 

23) Tailor-made gifts for each employee

24) Invite a celebrity or a known personality and have exclusive group discussions among you all. 

25) Play Dumb – Charades or Sing out Loud in groups to keep up the magic within the teams. 

Employee engagement is the key to recognize and appreciate your millennial employees. What kind of funny and creative ideas do you have in mind? Leave your comments below! 

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