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Best practices for most successful Employee Engagement Surveys

One of the major innovations that HR can do for the organization is discovering the employees’ pulse and use the findings to effectively engage all employees within the organization. A simple Employee Engagement Survey tools help HRs to measure the employee engagement or satisfaction level. It is highly helpful in forecasting, analyzing or improving their employee engagement initiatives and change management.

Aon, the leading human capital management consultant has influenced over 7,000 organizations, 68 Industries, 156 countries, 18.6 million employees with their scientific employee engagement surveys. Aon’s latest survey reveals that the employee engagement levels with the organizations have been increased from 57% in 2011 to 80% in 2018 across the globe.

The Best Practices of the most successful employee engagement initiatives include:

  • Building a culture of top-down engagement
  • Initiate tangible employee engagement activities
  • Managers become a role model in practicing cohesive employee engagement
  • Track the employee engagement process throughout the organization
  • Run employee engagement surveys periodically with a focus on continuous improvement
  • Equip managers with continuous feedback tools to enhance team engagement in their day-to-day interactions

How does the engagement survey help?

Typically, the survey includes a set of questions related to the behavior of self, line managers, senior managers and/or organizational policies on rewards and recognition. These questions can be directed towards the employees such that the survey measures overall engagement and satisfaction of employees with the organization. HR can conduct the survey using survey tools available online.

The engaged employees will become a brand ambassador of the organization itself. They will spread the positive work culture of the organization, influence other employees’ perspective and make the organization a great place to work.

Surveys are the intrinsic parts of the employee engagement initiatives. The outcome measures the employee engagement program’s effectiveness and success. Without the survey results you would be at a loss and unable to determine whether your initiatives hit its mark or you need to restructure and find a better approach to engage your employees.

How to conduct an effective employee engagement survey?

With modern survey tools, employee engagement surveys are just a walk in the park. Synergita makes it easier for you to select the employees based on their location, designation, level and so on. HRs can easily set up questionnaires and deploy it to select employees or to the whole organization. Just set up, deploy and analyze the results.

For best experience and results

  • Focus on a single topic and fewer questions
  • Choose the relevant target audience
  • Repeat the survey periodically for benchmark analysis

Differentiating features of our approach

  • Setup Employee Surveys in a jiffy
  • Choice of Anonymous Feedback
  • Get Actionable Intelligence

Do you like to conduct employee engagement surveys? If yes, let us know. We’d like to hear from you!

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