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The God of Small Things: How minor features like voiceMAGIC create a huge impact on employee experience?

112 million people, roughly equivalent to a third of the US population use voice technology every month. Voice search and voice technology became the best thing since sliced bread. From searching the internet, managing smart homes to shopping online, voice-technology…

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Synergita’s New UX launch

Change is the only word that remains unchanged. Change is good when it does good. The new change in Synergita will also bring about wellness to our customers and to all the visitors. Yes, Synergita has launched its new User…

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Know what Synergita’s Ø Disruption promise is..

Companies are generally hesitant about adapting to a change because of one major reason – They are worried about DISRUPTION. They are worried about losing the system, process that they have managed to establish in their organization over the years….

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