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Managing Corporate Communication During COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19. The pandemic that has caused more fatalities, social reverberations, and economic repercussions. Business continuity is crucial now but it is time to care more for your employees. In today’s panic and disorder, people-centric culture should not be treated as an option being pondered by the management to retain employees, but it needs to be mandated for employee well-being. The people-centric organizations are confronting the hardships together without great loss.  

Transition to Work from Home is the Need of the Hour  

Work from home policy is the most viable option to prevent spreading. The already existing policy also gains fresh momentum to ensure business continuity. A study reveals that 67% of employees are reluctant to go to work fearing infection. If you do not have a work from home policy in place, you have to rethink and reshape the company’s policies after the impact of the virus alleviates substantially. 

The companies that have robust work from home policies in place find it easier to transition in this time of crisis, and they need not worry about handling remote employees. The companies that have not encouraged gig workforce in the past will go through a hard time in setting up the system. Research asserts that the professionals, who felt that their productivity has been greatly impacted, have increased by 11.8% in a very short span of time. Effective performance management software is highly recommended for collaboration and communication with remote employees.  

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Ways to Overcome the Challenges of Communication  

Communication is pivotal to keep your remote employees updated.  

Organizations, without any digital solutions at hand to handle the adversity, can go for a readily available feature to keep your workforce updated on the decisions of the company. All you need are effective tools and strategies to battle the hard times spanning across the globe.

“To begin to embrace a remote working environment, companies need the tools, policies, and processes in place to keep remote workers connected.”  

– Leonard Callejo, director, online marketing at Cisco Webex.com  

Synergita’s E-communication is a cloud-based platform that facilitates easier corporate communication and document sharing with your remote employees in the most secure way.  

You can segment employees in real-time based on their designation, location, and projects, and send emails to individual segments. The employee database is readily available, and so you can choose the recipient group using a filter. Our E-communication feature saves you time and effort. For instance, if you need to send an update to the women employees in a particular location regarding WFH, you can effortlessly select the recipients while in the draft using a filter and send them.    

We are bringing this feature to you to help you fight the difficult times together and stay connected with your remote employees.

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