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Employee Goal Management for Millennials: Tips & Tricks

When we think of millennial employees, the first thing that often comes to our mind is that they often carry themselves with a sense of entitlement. But the truth is they prefer clarity on whatever they do before they start doing it. It is not that they are perennially dissatisfied and unmotivated. Millennial employees have an agile approach towards their work which is certainly different from the previous generations. However, that does not go on to say that they are any less capable or talented. However, the biggest challenge is that not many managers understand how effective employee goal management can unleash their true potential.  

The common tips that we often find online are: 

  1. Providing opportunities for learning and development. 
  2. Offering a balance between personal and professional life. 
  3. It is not just about compensation. 
  4. Make way for more movement.  
  5. Being mentors and not bosses 
  6. Creating a strong company culture. … 
  7. Recognizing their need for recognition. … 
  8. Taking the good with the bad.  
  9. Dial-up the relational component  
  10. Communicate the “why” 
  11. It’s all about the conversation 
  12. Make feedback “Just something we do here all the time” 
  13. Intellectual stimulation, growth, and professional development: Satisfy and support these powerful drivers of employee engagement 
  14. Value, support and focus the enthusiasm, confidence, and optimism of youth. Don’t crush it! 
  15. The customized employee experiences 

Although the above-mentioned strategies can be effective to a certain extent, this article is going to tell you the most important tricks when it comes to employee goal management for millennials.  

Clarifying the ‘why’ of everything  

The word “Why” tells it all:  Why do we have a foundation? or Why this project is important? or Why and What is the outcome? or why feedback is important? Everything depends upon the consistency. Therefore, start working on the ‘Whys’ including the ‘why’ for the goal. This will bring in collective thought and energy to build a team or belong to a team. 

How solid is your communication?  

Every good result has the best conversation, than the ones you have had previously. To get good at what you do gets the invention of best conversations. Therefore, as managers, you must upgrade your communication skills if you want to help the employees understand their goals and guide them towards their goals. This way, you employees can engage your customers. 

Opportunities! This is what they came for. 

The ones born in the 90s are surrounded by stimuli and high energy, go for new experiences and short-term goals with visible short-term desires. As leaders, you must identify these opportunities to help them develop new skills and commit this frequently as a new and different process for them. This is done to level up the skills and talents of the video game generation, after the short-term goals. 

There’s no such thing as perfect.   

Hopping from job to job because of the lack of engagement feedback in some cases becomes a very challenging one because it reduces employee happiness. When there are a lot of personal growth opportunities for being able to collaborate or understand their responsibilities. The discomfort of this generation is that they will keep switching jobs for better career growth and numerous opportunities. Companies that focus on this long-term target meet the millennial expectations. Then, there will be a significant decrease in the employee turnover rate or the attrition rate in companies. Although millennial employees might stay focused with good additional perks and compensation plans in place, that is not the only thing that they look for in a company. When it comes to onboarding, planning and managing goals for a new employee is going to be way more tedious than giving happiness to the existing employees.  


Collectively, the amazing power and potential that this generation carries is magnanimous. They have amazing capacities and incredible talents– unlike any kind this world has ever seen – but the direction is what is important. By following these simple tricks, this group will be more empowered, more engaged, more connected, and more focused.  

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