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Top 5 Workplace Trends for 2020

2020 is right around the corner. Workplaces are constantly transforming and evolving to create a fulfilling space for the plethora of generations that come to work every day. There is more to an organization other than just getting huge amounts of revenue and achieving great success. However, in order to keep the profitability of business high, employers have realized that employee engagement is vital to their organization. Employees must be satisfied with their jobs. Therefore, they are coming up with efficient ways to retain their workforce. The trends that used to be a novice at one point have now become very common in the workplace. 

Employees need to feel satisfied with their jobs to produce better results. And this job satisfaction must be provided by employers by bringing in a change in their workplace trends.  

Let us look at 5 workplace trends that could do wonders in 2020. 

Workplace flexibility

Employees tend to be a lot happier and productive in a flexible environment. There was a time when salary meant career growth for employees. Money used to play a vital role in influencing an employee whether he wishes to change his job. However, with Gen Y ers and Gen Z ers occupying the workplace, salary is no longer a top priority for them when it comes to gaining employee benefits. A healthy work-life balance matters to them more than compensation. In the past, it was very difficult for employees to define an ideal workplace that provided them a good work-life balance. A lack of work-life balance created occupational burnout in employees. It created a lot of imbalance between employees and their families, and as a result, employees became very dissatisfied with their workplaces. Thus, in the current scenario, companies have recognized this fact, and have begun providing workplace flexibility to attract more employees. 

Artificial intelligence 

In this era of digital transformation, while human beings are still the dominant workforce, the presence of artificial intelligence could take up a few of the mundane tasks performed by employees at work. AI is something that creates excitement and instills fear at the same time. The transition to AI will help companies create new scores for jobs and transform the ways in which old jobs are performed? Therefore, embracing AI in the workplace results in better productivity and economic growth. AI helps with eliminating repetitive manual processes with automation. Companies can save a lot of their time using chatbots. Therefore, it improves the overall quality and safety of the tasks that are being performed.

Ecological consciousness 

Today, a lot of companies have realized that going green provides some legitimate benefits. The building has become greener, Green buildings minimize overhead costs. Energy certificates minimize the power businesses use. Composting and recycling reduce the cost of waste removal. Environmental actions such as planting a tree help businesses celebrate their customers. Paperless processes are faster, easier and cheaper.

Training and development 

The new generation craves a lot of career growth and opportunities. Bring in employee training and development helps increase employee morale and job satisfaction. It fosters motivation in employees. It improves efficiencies in processes resulting in greater revenue and profitability. Through employee training, employees will develop the capacity to adopt new technologies and methods. It helps them formulate innovative strategies and products. Reduces employee attrition and providing training in risk management and ethics helps to enhance brand image.

Centralized communication 

This is something all companies are focusing on. They are building new channels for centralizing communication in the workplace leveraging technology. A centralized communication channel in the form of a performance management software can reap numerous benefits. It increases transparency and ensures all employees are on the same page. It is easy to interact with the whole company, to a specific team, or an individual employee. Scheduling important tasks are easy because you don’t have to constantly check availability.


These are a few emerging workplace trends in 2020. What kind of trends do you have in mind or would you like to suggest? Leave your comments below.