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Know what Synergita’s Ø Disruption promise is..

Companies are generally hesitant about adapting to a change because of one major reason – They are worried about DISRUPTION. They are worried about losing the system, process that they have managed to establish in their organization over the years.

HR team dreads adapting to a new, more efficient performance management system for the same reason and prefers sticking to their outdated, inefficient, and highly frustrating historic system.

You need not worry about DISRUPTION anymore, as Synergita’s employee performance management software promises Ø Disruption (Zero Disruption).

  1. Yes, Synergita embraces your existing process As-is but automates and improvises your process with enhancements that makes you enjoy plentiful benefits without having to compromise on your own way of doing things.
  2. The innovative drag and drop designer allows you to customize your existing process workflows. So far you might have had to use the same form template (can be either feedback or competency form) across designations that might have been obstructing you to perform well as a reviewer. This should not be a constraint any longer with Synergita’s “easy to create form editor” feature. You can create hundreds of forms with this feature that is in compliance with the job description.
  3. Synergita’s easy to use and intuitive interface comes packed with several functionalities that will make you go WOW !!
  4. Simple admin engine makes you self-sufficient to understand how the process flows, how to re-align the process for certain designations, and how to design templates for any designation changes in the future. There’s nothing rigid Synergita. You can make changes and modifications according to your specific requirement. You don’t have to run behind an IT guy to resolve technical issues that you come across with the software.
  5. The real good news is that it integrates with your existing application that houses your data and data can be easily fetched without manual intervention.
  6. Data security is guaranteed as the application is hosted on Amazon Cloud Services, that once again guarantees Ø disruption of your employee data.

You can rapidly launch this new system and complete the appraisal cycle in within time.

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