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What Happens When You Face a Solar Eclipse in Reality?


The “Great American Eclipse” that took place on August 21, 2017, was eagerly witnessed by many parts of the United States. What struck my mind while witnessing the excitement on social media channels was the way this phenomenon was welcomed; with vigor.

Are you pondering over the above statement? Well, there’s no harm in expressing excitement for such once-in-a-hundred-years occurring events, but if we had to relate the solar eclipse to our daily lives at work, wouldn’t it be rather unfortunate? What if our efforts were hindered by some means, and were not completely visible to our managers?

We are solely responsible for letting such a calamity come upon us, in reality. The hard work that we put in every day must not be hampered by anything or anyone, whatsoever! Most definitely not when it comes to our performance appraisal. Having said that, let’s explore a few of the possibilities that we must resort to, to ensure that the right results are demonstrated loud and clear to your manager.


  1. Sharing feedback:

If you have something to say to any of your team members or your manager, speak up. Silence is often misunderstood as an affirmation of everything going on around you. Let nobody take you or your work for granted. When you share feedback, you ensure that people know what is on your mind. Moreover, inputs from you might turn out to be beneficial to your team! So, be vocal and express your thoughts.



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  1. Contributing to something:

As a team player, it is a given that one must not be content with his/her individual work but contribute to the entire team’s welfare. In fact, the idea should be to add to the entire organization’s growth. So, go ahead and offer your multiple skills to various people in the team as well as to other teams, wherever suitable. This move highlights not just your superhuman capabilities, but puts you in the good books of your manager!


  1. Solving a problem:

Your role in the team does matter, as long as you’re able to solve a problem (whether big or small). It goes without saying that solving a problem is no child’s play. One needs intellect to do so. The entire process of identifying, exploring, and taking action to resolve an issue, involves a lot of effort. So, don’t sit back and watch the problems grow. You’ve got more spirit than that inside of you!


  1. Leaning in:

As you are aware, post the renowned book, “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead” written by Sheryl Sandberg, the very term became a commonly-used trade slogan. Today, we all need to lean in at every moment in our workplaces. Only then would you make yourself visible in the eyes of your teammates and manager. The term we are looking for is being assertive and assuring that people take you seriously and respect your work.


  1. Experimenting:

What makes us do the same set of tedious tasks at work every single day? Answer: Nothing! (Or perhaps the lack of motivation to bother doing anything different.) But what are you gaining out of the routine drill at work? Answer: Nothing! Absolutely nothing. In that case, shake yourself up and try something new: experiment! Something good will definitely come out of it, sooner or later. And what better way to utilize your inquisitive mind than to show a new KPI to your manager?


There are several other ways to get to the limelight at your workplace than the ones already mentioned. Sign up for our blogs to keep reading more of our enlightening posts.

The bottom line is, you must not wait in the corners and await someone to call you to action. Make the first move and get right where you need to be. In that way, no eclipse can ever shadow the glowing light that you exude!


P.S. A huge ‘Thank you’ to Avinash Kaushik and his newsletters that keep us inspired with fresh thoughts in every aspect of corporate life!

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