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The Top 2020 Trends Are driven by Millennials

Nothing remains constant in workplaces these days. Times are changing and workplaces are evolving constantly to meet the needs of the new generation. It is fascinating to understand how technology has influenced the changing trends in our workplaces for the larger part. Since technology has been driving new trends into our workplaces, with millennials occupying the workforce rapidly, businesses are transforming into a global network. With the influx of millennials in the workplace, organizations are embracing new trends to retain this generation at the workplace. Let us look at some of these trends driven by millennials that have shaped workplaces in 2020.

But before we jump into that, let us look at something interesting. In the coming years, workplaces are going to be more collaborative given that all five generations will be working together. With this collision of generations at work, workplaces are going to be more diverse than it used to be before. Globalization will influence the fluidity of talent and cultural diversity in the workplace will impact the broader set of values that businesses have incorporated. The key to make your business more adaptable and ensure that it thrives in this changing world, you need to bring in some flexibility.  

Let us investigate some of the ways through which we can transform our work to meet the demands of this generation reshaping our business landscape:

Creating a sense of purpose 

Unlike baby boomers, millennials expect more than just job stability when it comes to their work. Salaries and hikes are no longer the reasons for them to be committed to their work. They are looking for a sense of purpose in their work, in the sense, they need to know how they are contributing to the bigger picture and give their best in the workplace. Although there was a time when companies were largely focusing on consumer success, with the influx of millennials in the workplace, companies are largely building their ethos and brand image on employee experience.

Your workplace design may be state of the art, you may give your employees flexible working hours and time to rest, however, what millennials need the most is a sense of purpose, diversity, and versatility. Therefore, if you are looking forward to retaining this generation in the workplace, you might as well incorporate the right tools and technologies required to boost employee engagement. Firstly, we need to focus on building a personalized relationship with our employees. For that, we need to leverage technologies such as a performance management system to centralize communication and engage employees actively. Such a digital platform will help companies boost employee performance and productivity. 

Millennials love to entertain themselves online. But that is where most of their learning happens for them. Let’s face it. This generation is all about being connected to the world on their phones. Therefore, leveraging in performance management software with tools for real-time ongoing feedback can help them to learn and grow. 

Leveraging technology 

We know for a fact that technology has transformed our lives in profound ways. The advent of artificial intelligence in the workplace has created a fundamental impact on organizations. The introduction of chatbots, for instance, has taken over mundane tasks and helps employees focus on more important tasks and other creative functions. Chatbots are even used in companies for personalized employee learning and answering repetitive questions posed to HR teams. 

Employee learning and development 

We are all aware of the fact that the millennial generation craves opportunities for learning and growth. Therefore, if you want your company to thrive in this rat race, you must provide opportunities for learning and growth. This can be done by introducing formal mentoring programs and employee training and development. Good training and development programs help your employees to stay motivated and work on their strengths and weaknesses and strive for the best. This will have a profound impact on your business as well when it comes to reaping more profits. 


We are looking at a future workplace where employees wish to work in a dynamic environment. A company must be able to provide employees with flexibility, a healthy work-life balance, and adapt to great technological advancements to engage your employees better.