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How to Empower your Team to Boost the Value of your Business?

Hiring the right talent is fine, but there is more you need to do in terms of creating a successful business culture. After hiring the best talent, it is important that you create the right conditions for your team members and increase their job satisfaction. Apart from engaging your team members, it is also important that you focus on their development and invest your time in their careers seriously because they are investing their hard work in your business.  

Everything comes down to adopting the right strategies for their development and talent management. As leaders, you need to motivate your team members in such a way that they are motivated to give their best performance every day. The last thing you would want to hear is that their talent has got wasted away. Unfortunately, this happens in a lot of businesses because of the lack of proper talent management strategies.  

Therefore, let us focus on how you could empower your team in order to boost the value of your business: 

Trust your team members: Give them autonomy 

Ernest Hemingway has once said, “The best way to find out if you can trust some body is to trust them”. This is true in most cases. It is understandable that as leaders, you might find it necessary to intervene in the tasks and duties of your team members, just to ensure, things go according to your protocol. But your team members, would not appreciate this kind of intervention because sometimes they just want to be accountable for what they do. You need to take that leap of faith and give them some autonomy.  

Trust is an important factor between you and your team members. Constant intervention can hamper their creativity and their ability to make decisions. Therefore, it is advisable that you encourage them to develop their skills and expertise independently without you having to manage everything. You can suggest courses and training programs if it is necessary but let them do the learning bit themselves. Imagine being a puppet and dancing according to how someone pulls your strings. Your team members are not your puppets.  

Leverage technology to stimulate the workflow 

Businesses are mushrooming everywhere rapidly, and new demands increase in the globe every day. It is high time businesses condemn their old-fashioned strategies for people management and adopt new ways to handle their team members. There is no dearth of technological inventions in the market and I am sure businesses can use different modes of technology to manage their employees. One might as well try investing in a good employee performance management software.  

Investing in the appropriate technology can save a lot of time and resources and stimulate the workflow. You can monitor your teammates easily, set their goals, monitor and prioritize those goals, give them feedback and appreciation regularly. When I was in college, we had this system where our class performance was constantly measured using digital learning management platforms named Moodle and Blackboard. It is the same concept but only you must monitor your team’s performance. 

Having a technology in place can facilitate communication, minimize discrepancies and help your team members to meet deadlines effectively. This also ensures proper internal communication free from conflicts and proper delegation of responsibilities. 

Transparency in communication 

When it comes to managing your team members, everything comes down to communication. Communication is vital and it needs to be transparent. Communication must be timely and accurate. The feedback that is being elicited needs to free from individual subjectivities. You need bring in a certain kind of business culture, where positive continuous feedback is encouraged. You need to teach your team how to give and receive feedback.  

But it is also your responsibility that you solicit feedback from your team on your performance as well. There is always scope for you to improve your leadership and team development skills. Moreover, it is important that you pool your team members in, when you are discussing new business strategies. Solicit their ideas and keep them updated about the status of your business and what needs to be done. Similarly, let them know that they are contributing to your business.  

Align goals with business objectives 

Goal setting is an important process in your workflow. It is important that you set goals keeping in mind the objectives of your business. Your team needs to know the vision and mission of your business before acting upon their goals. It is better to eliminate any ambiguity when it comes to fulfilling goals. Therefore, communicate the strategic objectives of your business clearly to your employees. You can even encourage your team members to set their own goals aligning to the objectives of your business

Timely Appreciation of Hard Work 

Never ever take your team for granted. They are investing their precious time and energy into building your business into an empire. It is only fair that they are being valued for the work that they do. Therefore, show your appreciation and gratitude when they deserve it. Tell them how they are contributing to the growth of your business. Additionally, you can motivate them by giving them challenging tasks and tell them that they will be able to pull this off since they have pulled it off before. Rewards in terms of mementos and incentives will inspire them more. 

Now the stage is yours! 

In conclusion, if you want your team to give their best performance every day, then you need to acknowledge their value as well. Engaging your team is very important if you are expecting them to turn your business into an empire. Your team makes you look good. Their performance reflects on the success and reputation of your business. By adopting effective leadership and team development strategies plus transparency in communication, you can encourage your employees to give their best to bring business success. Engaging your team members with the right techniques can make your business to go places.  

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