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How to Empower your Team to Boost the Value of your Business?

Hiring the right talent is fine, but there is more you need to do in terms of creating a successful business culture. After hiring the best talent, it is important that you create the right conditions for your team members and increase their job satisfaction. Apart from engaging your team…

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Seven Simple Measures to Make Your Employees Really Engaged

In a magic cube, every face needs to be aligned and coordinated to complete the puzzle. Employee engagement, like a magic cube, is multi-faceted with its own shades. Likewise, everything matters when it comes to ‘employee engagement’ – employees’ work…

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Top 50 Problems people face with Performance Appraisals

(Some) 90 percent of performance appraisal processes are inadequate. – Salary.com survey. In conversations with HR leaders and employees, the talent management process that suffers from the most disdain around the world is the performance appraisal. It’s one of the…

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Can Employees be rated like how OLA or UBER rates the performance of its drivers?

Large multinationals like Accenture, Adobe, Microsoft are making waves by announcing that they are moving away from annual appraisals and abolishing bell curve. As we meet several companies’ right from traditional manufacturing companies to fast growing start-ups, we hear several…

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goals aligning

Goals Alignment

Goal A Goal answers the questions – why, what, where and how an organization ideally has to be in the near and far future.   A generic phrase to express what an organization should be in next 5 years is ‘A…

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