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Transformation to agile performance management

Can you even imagine a millennial retiring from the same company he joined? They are perpetually hopping from one job to another. It is not because they are inherently an unsatisfiable lot. It is the so last-century people practices that make them looking out for better organizations and newer roles.

Blurring lines between professional and personal life

My father never brought his work home. But in this connectivity era, we always carry our work wherever we go; at the least, we take a peek into our work email. Our social networks equally reveal both our personal and professional preferences. We stay connected with our professional side through social networking apps. Continuous learning from the champions in the chosen field is possible through social networking and the plethora of online learning platforms.

Millennials are not newbies to technology.  Technology is an integral part of our personal life; we use technology to stay connected, to pursue our hobbies, to develop in personal and professional life. HR folks can capitalize on the powerful combination of People and technology to connect, collaborate, innovate and grow. People technology is an enabler to maximize human capability with the integration of automation and human capital.

Wanting more and wanting it now is their life mantra

The digital world entirely transformed our perception of time and space. An instant seems to be a little late and distance is measured in time and reachability; not in yards or miles. We ‘Face Time’ instantly with friends and families, we shop instantly from online stores, and we even run our home remotely with SMART Home Apps. We are very much used to our immersive digital experience ways.

If we are used to so much digital convenience in our personal life, how much more would we expect in a more professional setting, namely at our workplace?

HR technology is not anathema to human touch but an enabler to connect, collaborate and develop employees in an agile manner. Agile performance management software helps organizations outpace their competitors by a large mile. Leaders can set a focused vision and communicate clear directions to bring the people along. Employees can get instant feedback, appreciation, support, and guidance to gear up their growth. HR Technology helps organizations meet the needs of the millennials, the instant snapshot about their work.

Staying relevant in the future of work

The life span of innovation shrinks in this technology age. For instance, consider Walkman the portable cassette player which had been a popular device for 30+ years. Then arrived the Discman (CD-walkman), which had a slightly lesser life span, of just 10+ years. It was replaced by the more advanced MP3 players such as Apple iPod which saw the decline of its popularity in a few years with the advent of music streaming services.

Staying relevant is the survival fight in the new age work life. Advancements and innovations making our skills obsolete at a breakneck speed. We need to reinvent or replenish our skills every five years or we would be the castaways, the ‘useless caste’ as mentioned in the TED Talk “What explains the rise of humans?” by Yuval Noah Harari.

Empowering employees with an organized pool of training programs to choose from indicates the organizations’ earnestness in people development. Employees feel loyal to the organization and tend to stick with them longer. Organizations, in turn, get experienced employees trained suitably in new skills for future assignments. It is a win-win situation for all concerned.

Road to organization agility

Technology transcends the business space by leaps and bounds. Use of technology in the core business, in ancillary services help organizations develop agile business practices and grow into a highly competitive entity. HR performance technology is as important as core business technology since employee performance directly impacts core business and growth. Performance management software delivers unique advantages to SMEs to Enterprise segments.

Real-time analysis and agility are the backbones of SME both of which are impossible in paper-pen or excel performance model. The deviations from the stated goals are spotted instantly and corrective measures are discussed and applied before it causes expensive damage. Also, individual goals aligned with business objectives enable the organization to work like a well-oiled engine and go ahead swiftly.

For enterprise segments, it helps the teams and units collaborate in a better fashion. Analysis of better performing teams and units shed lights on how to replicate the success in other teams and units. Success stories of individual are highlighted in a common platform to inspire the entire workforce. Collaboration, employee engagement, real-time visibility on people and performance trends help transform the enterprise segments work culture.

Performance management software is the panacea for most of your business performance shortcomings. Whether the problem is in employee collaboration, engagement, aligning or monitoring goals or lack of real-time data to make transformative decisions, performance management software provides a conclusive fix.

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