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The Next Revolution in the ‘Performance Journey’

From 2012 onwards, most managers were spending an average of 12 to 15 hours per employee while carrying out annual performance reviews. Today, with the addition of a new check-in model, Synergita can save a huge amount of time that managers spend on the performance appraisal process.

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With a transformation like that, most of the organizations have positioned themselves as top leaders in continuous performance management. Nowadays, organizations are moving away from the regular “rate-and-rank” method for benefits including productivity and performance. This shift is why most of the organizations have decided to drop their traditional annual review processes.


Synergita was quick to realize that driving high performance and engagement requires an ongoing dialogue between the managers and employees; if something isn’t working out, people want to know what’s going on right away, and not just once a year.

annual review

Synergita offers a ‘Check-in’ model wherein managers and employees have frequent conversations/check-ins about expectations tied to corporate priorities, progress on goals, and career/personal development.

“Instead of tying an employee’s performance to one annual review, it should be more about an ongoing dialogue, based on business mechanisms.”


Synergita’s ‘Check-in’ process has been entirely game-changing for organizations, with employees empowered to actively participate in their own success. Technology can be a great enabler to ensure that objectives are documented and feedback is being given regularly. Here, at Synergita, we see more and more companies begin to follow the new ‘Check-in’ process. And we’re extremely excited to witness what’s next in line for the company’s revolutionary performance journey.


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