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Halloween Trick or Treat - Employee Performance Management

Employee Performance Management – Is yours a Trick or Treat?

As a kid I always loved to play trick or treat, so would anyone. The lovely, scary costumes, the element of surprise & scare, the disappointment of tricks and finally the exuberance when we got the treat, those simple pleasures make me want to go back to those golden childhood days. Agreed, those days I didn’t feel it was golden and always was impatient to become a grown-up. Tada! I got my wish and here I am all grown-up.



Can you ever outgrow Trick or Treat moments?


I thought I outgrew the trick or treat moments until my first performance appraisal. Quite a scare it was. I thought I performed well throughout the year. I’ve no idea whether what I did was enough or not. I was clueless about the parameters I was being evaluated on. I didn’t get any kind of feedback either good or bad.  On top of it even I forgot the little things I did which had a huge impact on our outcome.

I felt baffled and was scared witless whether I would get a treat or trick? But one thing I was pretty sure. This trick or treat is for real and the result would haunt me.

When the appraisal was over some of us got the treats and some of us get tricked. And none of us know how or why? We couldn’t find any discerning patterns on the outcome. There is no way to find what worked and what didn’t, hence no learnings to develop us further. Our company understood our plight and decided to streamline and modernize our performance management process with the cutting-edge Synergita Software.



How HR Technology enablement saved us?



Now we always know what is happening on our work front, how our work is progressing and can also get instant feedback and appreciation and no surprise trick or treats during appraisals. We feel engaged, motivated and embraced feedback-driven development culture. Here are some of the awesome features that made us a super-performing squad.

SMART Goals to Guide our Actions: We can set our goals at the beginning of every year, which sets a benchmark for our performance evaluation. I now know what is expected of me and my work priorities.

Update our Achievements Real-Time: Whenever I’ve made a progress or completed my goals, I can update it instantly and record my progress for my manager to see and review.

Share Continuous Feedback on Goals: Continuous check-ins like platform gives us an opportunity to share performance conversation and development feedback on any specific employee goals. It made us agile as we can eliminate bottlenecks and hurdles then and there and sprint towards the checkered flag.

Multiple Performance Reviews: Performance reviews are no more a scare. We can always know/refer what we have done from our goals’ feedback and give self-reviews. The same goes for our managers. It was so easy that we started doing quarterly reviews and always know our performance levels. It spared us from the year-end appraisal scare.

360-Degree/Peer Feedback: Not only our performance but our competency, interpersonal behavior matters for a thriving work culture. We rate our peers and managers on behavioral competency. The perception gap analysis let us identify our shortcomings and provides a chance to improve ourselves.

Continuous Feedback Social Wall: The awesome feature let us share our appreciation and friendly taunts to our peers. Thanks to the mobile app, we never miss the action, always there to comment and applaud anytime, anywhere. We can share confidential one-to-one messages too.

Rewards & Recognition Programs: HRs configured virtual rewards and recognition programs through continuous feedback. Now we can award reward points or awards to our friend, who went out of the way to support or help us. I flaunt all my virtual rewards and awards all the time and it keeps me cheerful and stays motivated.

Performance Appraisal: The dreadful appraisal is not dreadful anymore and it is done in no time. The self and managers’ feedback will be given and then we schedule our 1-1 discussion and validated the feedback and rating. Then they’ll publish the recommendation and send appraisal letters all through the software.

At last a great technology helped me outgrow the trick or treat moments completely.


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