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Co-Creation as New Work Culture in Performance Management

Earlier there was a vertical hierarchy in every organization. Command and control were the watch words. Naturally, the basis of the organization was very weak and disconnected.  There was a dull atmosphere prevailing in the organization.

Now the organizations are becoming more and more horizontal. Work culture is changing drastically. Employees and managers sit side by side to solve all the problems. Ivory tower approach and feudal tendency will not work any longer. Give and take process now succeeds everywhere. Mutual goodwill wins everything now. Frequent communication prevents the eruption of any problem.

In such an environment:

  1. The organization becomes stronger.
  2. There is better understanding among employees and managers.
  3. Course correction becomes easy.
  4. Engagement levels ensure business outcomes.
  5. Higher targets are easily achieved.

There is all round connection and cooperation among the employees. They do not remain as isolated islands. Thus, connection has brought effective coordination in the organization. Individual goal and organizational goal perfectly meet at a point.

This has resulted in an atmosphere of inspiration and integration. Hindrance is not seen anywhere. Everyone is inspiring and encouraging others. The situation is thoroughly enthusiastic.

So, horizontal, agile, connected and inspiring organization produces a new work culture among the workforce. According to Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Study, culture and engagement emerged as a top business challenge. We must keep the employees engaged and also empowered. Then we can get the best out of them.

By connecting employees to the overall purpose of the organization, we can bring the new work culture of co-creation for better productivity along with collective creativity.

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