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Seven Simple Measures to Make Your Employees Really Engaged

In a magic cube, every face needs to be aligned and coordinated to complete the puzzle. Employee engagement, like a magic cube, is multi-faceted with its own shades. Likewise, everything matters when it comes to ‘employee engagement’ – employees’ work profile, daily activities, involvement in corporate events and happenings, interpersonal dynamics with colleagues & managers and the rest.  All aspects are important and need to be properly managed to make them fully engaged.


The famous NASA janitor story may be the perfect anecdote for employee engagement. When asked what he was doing the janitor replied, ‘I help to put a man on the moon’. Corporates would do anything to get such level of organizational buy-in, which is the ultimate sign of engaged employees.


Some simple measures are sufficient to nurture that level of commitment and engagement in your employees.


Spell out the Purpose Clearly – Giving clear goals and targets is the first step in achieving engagement and organizational buy-in. Employees love to take ownership of the task and feel responsible for its successful completion.


Reinforce Organizational Buy-ins – Highlight collective achievements and misses in the form a ‘monthly newsletter update’ to your employees.  It brings them up to date on business happenings and reinforces the sense of belonging.


Provide an Open & Collaborative Environment – Adapt a robust organization-wide collaborative strategy and infuse collaborative practices. A technology platform that facilitates the instant exchange of feedback and appreciation, enables its smooth execution.


The Continuous Feedback feature empowers managers and employees to share instant real-time feedback and appreciation. The Mobile App helps boost healthy collaboration within team anytime anywhere. Learn More


Provide Instant Rewards & Recognition – Design an inspiring rewards & recognition program which helps to keeps the employees’ tempo up. It creates healthy competition within the team and motivates employees to perform and deliver.


Introduce Development Roadmap Offer them a comprehensive development roadmap with skill training and leadership coaching that greatly enhances their professional growth. These development plans can also be introduced as a part of performance management.


Create Opportunity to Participate in Various Corporate Events & Activities – Organize various events & activities to foster a lively, participative culture in the workplace. These events provide a platform to showcase employees’ talent and make them feel happy and engaged. They feel the pride to be part of such a wonderful organization.


Track Engagement through Email Metrics – HR and corporate email communication provide a rare opportunity to passively measure the employee engagement. The open rate of internal email communication reveals the employees’ engagement level effectively. Discover what grab employees’ attention and what engages them from the HR email communication metrics.


Synergita’s ‘E-communication’ is the first of its kind tool that redefines employee engagement through corporate email communication. Compose and send emails and monitor email engagement metrics all from one powerful platform. Learn More



Having engaged employees is not a pipedream but a completely achievable one. These seemingly small steps consistently taken will help you achieve employees engagement in your organization.


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Synergita, the cloud-based continuous employee performance management and employee engagement software, provides the right solution to engage your employees and manage their performance effectively. Manage employees’ goals and achievements, facilitate the continuous exchange of feedback and ideas, design rewards & awards programs, monitor development programs and send emails & track email metrics through Synergita.



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