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Performance Management Automation – The Future of Talent Management

In this digitized world, avoiding technology automation is paramount to oblivion. HR Technology is not undermining or replacing human interaction but plays a positive role in creating a collaborative work culture. With the right HR technology, you can innovate and streamline performance process without execution challenges. It brings process visibility and analytics visibility to employees and business leaders respectively.

Why automate employee performance management?

The focus of employee performance management has shifted from retrospective to futuristic. Since then HR is doing serious catching up on the technology front.  Organizations don’t just want to know yesterday’s performance trends of the employees; they want to know how we can make them perform better today and how best we can develop them for tomorrow. Thanks to technology, the moment we envisage, we can make it happen. Below are the compelling reasons to automate your employee performance management using performance management software.

Instant is the new mantra for everyone

In this digital era, the human psyche has changed a lot. We want everything in-the-moment, and instantaneous seems to be a little late for us. Employees don’t want to wait for a while to learn how good their work was or its impact. They want instant appreciation and instant feedback. Employees are in a fast track of growth and development and they feel traditional once-a-year reviews are an impediment. Instead, they prefer more frequent, informal and development-oriented discussions from their bosses.

A recent survey highlights that technology-driven performance management process has enabled managers to touch base with employees continuously and significantly improved communications and feedback that too spending very little time.

Real-time visibility to business leaders

Top leaders don’t want to wait for performance reports that are to be collated manually or using Excel. Before they even get the performance trends, it would have become obsolete in the current pace. They want transparency, visibility and real-time reports of people and performance trends. That’s where technology automation comes to your rescue.

According to a Deloitte report, 91% of companies that have adopted continuous performance management have better data for people decisions.

Automation technology stores tons of metrics on goals, performance, ratings and resources on feedback, conversations and achievements. Real-time analytical reports provide insights to top leaders that enable them to take strategic decisions supported by data.

Look back to look forward

How far can you remember? Do you remember what were you doing last Thursday at 3 PM? Probably working but exactly what you were working on. It is hard to keep track of your progress, milestones or achievement over the period. If it’s not recorded and retrieved at appropriate times it is lost to the world. Informal check-in, feedbacks, appreciations and focused conversations around goals and progress validates your employees’ efforts, engagement and commitment shown towards the completion of their tasks. Performance automation software helps employees and managers to refer tons of these resources and brush up their memory during performance appraisals. Managers can overcome the recency effect and provide a fair rating, meaningful reviews, and development recommendations.

Innovate, customize, and streamline performance process

76% of organizations have reinvented their performance management process, making it continuous reports a Deloitte study.

Performance reviews that are linear and once-a-year carry less significance in the rapidly changing workplace. Talents are multitasking – working on multiple tracks and reporting to different project managers. Linear reviews don’t cut the mustard as holistic reviews. Organizations adopt 360-degree feedback to get reviews from multiple stakeholders who are working closely with the employees. Matrix goals management is gaining momentum, where managers responsible to oversee specific goals give the reviews and rating to the feedback associated with the specific goals.

Technology enables you to define relevant feedback form and unique workflow for each work role. Managing customizable feedback forms and workflows manually is a highly complex task and tech automation streamlines the process and lessens the administrative tasks associated with it.

Typically software applications have built-in functionality to control who can see and update the form, pass through to the next action items based on the workflow, automatic reminders and notifications to complete the task, etc. Automation takes care of all the complexity and delivers the final performance scores within the specified time. Organizations now carry out quarterly reviews to monitor progress, gauge development needs and one year-end performance appraisal for compensation revision and promotions.

HR technology helps them blend traditional and modern approach to leverage their collective power.

Less time on administrative tasks more on strategy execution

In manual practice, HR teams are inundated with administrative tasks during performance appraisal. They need to distribute relevant feedback forms for self-appraisal, managers’ appraisals, follow up with employees and managers to make them complete the appraisal feedback, and to cut the story short they can never complete the process on-time.

Automated workflows, reminders help HR folks to eliminate 90% of the manual tasks and to achieve 100% on-time completion. HRs can now focus more on innovation, customization and streamlining the process instead of administrative tasks.

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Final Words…

Performance automation doesn’t dehumanize or replace the interactions among employee, managers and HR folks. Organizations and employees can leverage the power of technology to break the conventional barriers to achieve greater collaboration, higher productivity and faster growth.

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