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If You Work for Your Employees, They Certainly Work for You

Look at the two words, worker and manager. If the worker is to work, is the manager there to shirk? We know that the manager also has to work. Both work. Obviously, there is a difference between the two works. What is that difference?

The workers work for the company. So, the manager need not just imitate their work or merely supervise their work. He has a more important thing to do. He has to work for the workers.

If the manager does not work for the workers, workers may not work for the company. They may join 68 per cent shirkers among the workers.

In many ways, the manager can work for the workers. It is his duty to ensure the happiness and welfare of the workers. In his every action, he must inspire the workers with his benevolence.

The manager has to arrange a reasonable salary for the employees. Low salary will lead to dejection. Employees may think, “This performance is enough for this salary”.

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Employees like incentives. Sometimes, they give a greater importance to incentives than the salary. But the incentives must be distributed impartially. Timely distribution of the incentives makes the employees very happy.

Employees like promotions. Psychologically, they do not like to continue in the same post, however good the post may be. So, it is better to have many designations to facilitate their frequent promotions.

A comfortable and conducive workplace is desired by all the employees. So, the workplace must be convenient and attractive to the employees.

Employees do not like any rigid time table. Flexible time schedule will bring better results. Such adjustments will be much appreciated by all the employees.

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Not only Jack, any person will become dull with continuous work. Vacation taking employees are more active when they return for work.

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Human mind craves for recognition. So, praise your employees as frequently as possible. Immediately you will observe their improved performance.

Everyone likes simplicity. So, simplify the work of your employees. Using suitable software, you may streamline workflow and processes. The drudgery of manual entering of data can be avoided. Then the employees will make more efficient use of their time. That will increase productivity.

Thus the manager also has to work. But he does not work like his employees. He does not just supervise the work of his employees. He has to mainly work for his employees. Then the workers too will respond. They will work for the company.

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